Why Smart Businesses Work with Weber Law


When our clients call us, we know it’s important. A business needs its lawyer to return phone calls and emails promptly, especially when things are really urgent. We understand that – and our clients know we understand that, because when the deal is on the line, they know we’re available. Our clients appreciate our quick responses. Even better, they appreciate that we talk to them like real people.


Of course precision is critical, but so is getting the deal done. We understand the balance. Our lawyers have a deep understanding of business law and routinely handle sophisticated matters, but we do it without lawyering things to death. We know where to focus and where to move forward. We are business-minded business lawyers, and we practice law like you run your business.


Our clients like working with us, because they feel like we’re part of their team. Maybe that’s because we view the legal function as a part of your business, and we work hard to understand the larger strategy. We like working that way, and we prefer to work with clients who appreciate that approach. And when our clients have specialized needs that go beyond our expertise, we happily involve lawyers from other firms.


Venture capital transactions
Angel rounds
Seed rounds
Friends and family rounds
Convertible debt
Strategy on round sizing and pricing
Bank loans
Securities filings
Guidance on dealing with investors
Private equity transactions
Crowdfunding and general solicitation
Regulation D


Financing or transaction support
Securities issuances
Contract review
Intellectual property protection
Employment and labor matters
Pre-litigation dispute resolution
Preparation of form agreements
Business counseling
Negotiation support
Commercial leases
Service agreements
Distribution agreements


Joint ventures
Securities issues
Debt restructuring
Negotiation strategy
Tax guidance
Due diligence
Entity formation
Entity dissolution
Corporate governance


Entity formation
Stockholders agreements
Operating agreements
Vesting agreements
Intellectual property assignments
Non-competition agreements
Confidentiality agreements
83(b) elections
Convertible debt
Stock purchase agreements
Advisory board agreements
Capital raises and securities filings

How Weber Law Works with Clients


Fixed pricing is available for most services. The price is determined by the value we deliver rather than the number of hours we work, and is agreed upon in advance. Fixed pricing is popular with our startup clients, but is available for anyone.


Recurring retainer pricing is offered as an option for clients who have ongoing work and prefer consistent, predictable legal expenses. Retainer pricing is most common among clients who use our outside general counsel services.


We offer traditional hourly billing for clients that just need a few hours of our time, or prefer to be charged by the hour for some other reason. When we charge hourly, we bring big firm expertise to our clients at rates that don’t include big firm overhead.

Who Chooses Weber Law?

     Those Seeking Business-Minded Business Lawyers
  • Whether you call it business law, corporate law, transactional law or contract law, our practice is focused on helping businesses succeed.

  • Our experience is centered around raising capital and getting good deals done.

  • Our clients, many of which are technology or consumer products companies, like working with us because we’re straightforward, practical and experienced.

  • Other attorneys are comfortable referring their clients to us because we have deep subject matter knowledge and they know their clients will like the way we work with them.

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