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Child Support and Alimony and Related Attorney’s Fees

Debts owed for alimony or child support are not dischargeable in any bankruptcy case (Chapter 7, 11, 12 or 13). Alimony and child support payments can not be discharged, regardless of whether it relates to arrearages (past due amounts) or an ongoing support obligation.

The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals has also ruled that court-ordered payment of attorneys’ fees incurred in post-divorce / child custody litigation should be recognized as child support, and is also non-dischargeable. Dvorak v. Carlson, 986 F.2d 940 (5th Cir. 1993). The language of the governing statute does not appear to support the Fifth Circuit’s ruling that attorney’s fees related to divorce, alimony, child support or child custody issues are also non-dischargeable in bankruptcy. Nevertheless, the Fifth Circuit Circuit Court of Appeals is the federal appellate court that establishes binding legal precedent for all bankruptcy cases filed in Texas.  Therefore, this is the binding common law rule for all Texas bankruptcy cases.

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I received excellent representation from a board certified bankruptcy attorney in thorny Chapter 13 Bankruptcy case.
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Like most folks, I was scared about the process of filing bankruptcy. Mr. Weber made what seemed to be an incredibly complex process simple to understand. His ability to walk me through every part of the filing, and his quick turn around in answering any questions I had, continued throughout the entire five years of my Chapter 13 plan. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Mr. Weber if you ever get in the position of needing to file for bankruptcy.
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Mr. Weber helped me file for Ch. 13 bankruptcy. He was very nice to me and helped me through the entire process. I recommend him strongly.
- Lucia Valdez
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