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Free Consultation

Office Conference

The first conference at our Houston office with an attorney is free for those persons that desire to explore the possibility of filing for bankruptcy relief. You are not charged a fee after the first meeting if you decide not to file for bankruptcy or retain Weber Law Firm, P.C. for any reason.

Telephone Screening

Normally, Mr. Weber (or a legal assistant) will be happy to personally discuss your case on the telephone to determine if your situation merits an office consultation. Although we can only spend a limited time period on the telephone, and can not give any specific le­gal advice, Mr. Weber prefers discussing your case on the telephone for a brief time period to deter­mine if an office visit would be appropriate and productive.

Many clients will attempt to schedule an interview without first discussing their situation on the telephone. Some clients may be under the impression that we do not have time for telephone consultations. On the contrary, we have found that spending a few minutes dis­cussing a case on the telephone can actually save time for everyone.

If we do not discuss the case with you on the telephone before the office meeting, some­times it becomes obvious within less than a few minutes that we can not help, or that you may need to be referred to a lawyer practicing a different specialty. These situations can normally be avoided by a brief telephone consultation.