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We must learn about all of your debts, property, income, expenses and recent financial his­tory to properly advise any person considering bankruptcy relief. If you have operated a bus­iness over the past several years, we also must learn about the business.

Download the Client Questionnaire. The Client Questionnaire contains information we need to properly evaluate your case. Please download the form by clicking the following icon:

The Client Questionnaire is in PDF format and can be viewed using Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you do not already have this software, you may download a free copy by clicking this icon.

Client Questionnaire

Fill Out the Form & Bring It to The Interview. You will need to spend between 20 and 30 min­utes to complete the form. Please complete it with as much detail as possible and bring it with you to your first meeting. You will save time and get more out of your consultation by fill­ing out the form before coming to our office.

Please provide as much information as possible. You should be able to fill out most of the in­formation from memory, except perhaps for the list of creditors. At the first meeting, we do not need precise details concerning creditor addresses, account numbers or the exact amounts owed. A list of the name and approximate amount owed to each creditor will suffice.

The income and expense forms should state your average monthly income and expenses . Try to provide a copy of your most recent pay stubs. We do not need backup documentation of your living expenses. Do not worry about making exact calculations of your expenses. It is nor­mal­ly sufficient to provide an estimate from memory of your average monthly living ex­penses.

The property list should contain all major items of property. We need to know about your as­sets to determine whether you will be entitled to keep the property if you file for bankruptcy. We can adequately analyze your case if you disclose all major items of property, and give us a garage sale value for each item.

Do not delay your meeting if you can not provide all of the requested information. You could do more harm by waiting. Please call if you are not sure whether to delay your consultation be­cause you can not provide all of the requested information or documents.

Excellent Chapter 13 Attorney

I received excellent representation from a board certified bankruptcy attorney in thorny Chapter 13 Bankruptcy case.
- C McDonald
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Made My Bankruptcy Simple

Like most folks, I was scared about the process of filing bankruptcy. Mr. Weber made what seemed to be an incredibly complex process simple to understand. His ability to walk me through every part of the filing, and his quick turn around in answering any questions I had, continued throughout the entire five years of my Chapter 13 plan. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Mr. Weber if you ever get in the position of needing to file for bankruptcy.
- Matthew Berg
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Strongly Recommend Mr. Weber

Mr. Weber helped me file for Ch. 13 bankruptcy. He was very nice to me and helped me through the entire process. I recommend him strongly.
- Lucia Valdez
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