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Debt Relief. If you qualify under federal bankruptcy law, you can eliminate or lower the payments made on most debts, keep all of your property, and get a fresh start. If you qualify, you can:


Medical Bills

Credit Card Debt

Tax Debt





Wage Levies

Reduce Payments:

Vehicle Loans

Student Loans

Tax Debts

We like small business reorganization cases! In most cases, if your business can make a profit, we can help you get back on your feet again.

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Chapter 7: Straight bankruptcy. Allows individuals to eliminate most unsecured debts, keep property and get a fresh start. Chapter 7 is commonly known as a "liquidation" pro­ceed­ing, but this term is a misnomer since approximately 99 percent of all individuals keep all of their property in a Chapter 7 case.

Chapter 11: Business reorganization for corporations, partnerships and individuals. Al­lows corporations and partnerships to reorganize by proposing a plan to eliminate or lower pay­ments on debts and avoid unfavorable contracts.

Chapter 12: Small business reorganization for family farmers and fishermen. Available to corporations and individuals. Similar to Chapter 13 in procedure.

Chapter 13: Reorganization for individuals with consumer (personal) or small business debts through a court supervised repayment plan. Allows most individuals to repay debts over a 3 to 5 year time period, and eliminate or lower payments on certain debts.

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