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Bankruptcy Statutes, Rules & Forms


Bankruptcy Code (Title 11, United States Code)  •  Redline  •  Clean

Federal Rules of Bankruptcy Procedure  •  Redline  •  Clean

Federal Rules of Civil Procedure

Official and Procedural Bankruptcy Forms

Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act (Selected Provisions of Title 12, United States Code, Banks and Banking; Chapter 27 — Real Estate Settlement Procedures)  •  Statutes  •  Fed Regs

Bankruptcy Crimes (Bankruptcy Related Provisions of Title 18, United States Code, Crimes and Criminal Procedure)  •  Redline   •   Clean

Federal Income Tax Statutes (Bankruptcy Related Provisions of Title 26, United States Code, Internal Revenue Code)

Bankruptcy Courts, U. S. Trustees, Jurisdiction & Venue (Bankruptcy Related Provisions of Title 28, United States Code, Judiciary and Judicial Procedure)  •  Redline  •  Clean

State Statutes — Bankruptcy Related


• Texas Property Code — Title 5. Exempt Property & Liens

• Texas Insurance Code — Chap. 1108. Benefits Exempt from Seizure

Local Bankruptcy Rules

Texas — Southern  •  HTM  •  PDF - Clean  •  PDF - Redline


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